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About Us

Addiction Canada is one of the only private treatment organizations in the country. We pride ourselves on our ability to help patients transform their lives and beat their addictions. We offer a comfortable atmosphere where those who are battling drug, alcohol, gambling and/or sex addictions can tackle their problems without judgment and fear.

We treat all our patients with dignity and respect because we know that even though they’ve fallen on tough times, they can still have a bright future ahead. Unlike other rehab centres, we do not discriminate, and we offer a warm welcome to all those in needs.

What We Do

At Addiction Canada we have four facilities across the country that provide a safe haven for patients looking to detox, rehab, and lead healthy lives. We are considered one of the top addiction treatment organizations in Canada because we have a success rate of up to 85% during a patient’s first stay. We utilize 60 and 90-day programs, coupled with a 10-month aftercare plan that allows patients to not only overcome their addiction but leave it behind for good.

Concurrent Disorders Do Not Go Untreated

We know the addiction landscape does not end with simply quitting drinking or doing drugs which is why we treat the mental ailments that go along with them.

Concurrent disorders sometimes remain untreated while a patient is in rehab, leading them down the wrong path when they are finished their stay. This can leave the patient ill-equipped to deal with their new clean lifestyle and can create a relapse situation. At Addiction Canada, we address a patient’s concurrent disorders to ensure that there is little-to-no chance of relapse once their rehab stay is completed.

Who Works With Us?

The Addiction Canada team consists of accredited, certified and dedicated staff members that go above and beyond expectations. Our team is made of up doctors, registered nurses, mental health professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists, counsellors, recovery specialists, nutritionists, personal trainers, life coaches and other skilled workers with training in the field of addiction management.

Where Are We

Our head office is located in Aurora, Ontario, and we have four facilities to better serve our patients. Addiction Canada’s rehab centres are equipped with medical detox clinics, top-notch amenities and recreational spaces in a spa-like luxury atmosphere.

Service for All

This is a resource for everyone. The information provided on this website is to help those who are suffering from addiction understand that they are not alone.

This website is also a service for people who are dealing with the addiction of a loved one. Substance abuse affects entire families, and Addiction Canada has created this site to ensure that everyone touched by addiction can get help. Whether you are struggling to quit drinking or abusing drugs, or watching a loved one battle a gambling addiction, this is a safe place where you can find the information you need to get help.


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