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If you or a loved one is battling addiction, you are not alone. Addiction Canada’s Help Centre is available to offer guidance and ensure you get the right care that you need.

Care without Discrimination

There is no judgment here. Addiction Canada does not discriminate against those who are looking to get clean. We offer a helping hand to anyone who is looking to turn their life around and break free from their addiction for good. We are also one of the most recognized private care organizations in the country because of our high success rate.

Addiction Canada is one of the few addiction service providers in Canada who offer detox for methadone addiction. We also treat the concurrent disorders that often entwine themselves with dependence. Our holistic treatment model allows patients to detox and rehab in a safe and controlled environment.

We put our patients’ comfort first and always ensure that they are receiving the best care possible.

Help For Families

Watching a family member spiral downwards through the dark tunnels of addiction can be terrifying, but where do you turn for help? Who can you talk to? Our Help Centre provides information about the perils of addiction and what you can do to help your loved one through this tumultuous time in their life.

Contact our team at intervention@addictioncanada.ca and we will assist you in finding the right treatment for your family member. We also provide resources for the families of our patients so they can understand the detoxification and rehab process that their loved one is undergoing.

Addiction Management

Our Help Centre is more than a place where family members and friends of addicts can learn about addiction. We provide former patients and those who have been living a healthy lifestyle since leaving rehab a place where they can learn about addiction management.

We offer insight on how to deal with triggers and what you can do to avoid relapsing. As with the aftercare platforms offered when you spend time at one of our four Addiction Canada facilities, everyone is welcome to ask questions to gain a better understanding of how they can stay clean once they leave rehab.

For general information about rehab, addiction management, and more, please email us at info@addictioncanada.ca.

A Compassionate Network

We are staffed with only the most dependable and skilled addiction specialists in the country. Our doctors, registered nurses, counsellors, mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists), recovery coaches and personal trainers help Addiction Canada continue to lead the way in the field of dependence and addiction. To speak with a specialist or to arrange an intervention for one of your loved ones, email intervention@addictioncanada.ca.

A brighter, sober future awaits you and your loved one. Get the help you need now.